Modifying Megasquirt Modifying Megasquirt V3.57 for VW Hall Effect Sensor Sensor

So, for all of those people that are buying the new prebuilt version of Megasquirt from one of the distributors, this is to help them modify, or tell their seller how to modify, the V3.57 board for a 5v low to high hall sender.

This is only applicable for MS1 processors, or those who may eventually need or want to run the MS1 processor. The MS2 has the ability to change the ignition trigger settings so the hardware doesn’t necessarily need to be modified.

Remove XG1-XG2 jumper
Remove JP1 2-3 jumper

Jumper XG1 to JP1-2
Jumper JP1-3 through a 1k resistor to 5v pad

Yes, it’s that easy, just like a V3 board!


Testing with the Jimstim:

Mods (red wires):

Don’t mind the white wires, those are the ones DIY puts on the 3.57s if you don’t specify that you don’t need or want them.

If you are running MS2 you will want the JS10 to IGN jumper shown, otherwise you’d want one of the LED pads jumpered to IGN.

Hope that helps someone. Look for a writeup on 3.57 with non direct drive waste spark coils shortly.

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