MS3 Beta Testing

August 28, 2009

Some of you MS savvy folk may already know, but MS3 beta testing is going on right now. Luckily, I am in possession of one of the Beta units and I’m going to share some information and all of my experiences with the MS3.

First off I’d like to start off with a link to the MS3 information for those of you who don’t know what’s in store

Similar to the MS2 upgrade, MS3 is a processor core replacement in addition to quite a few features aimed at further expansion. The two obvious features are the on board USB and the SD car port.

The testing in this phase is targeted for ‘upgrade’ mode from an MS1 or MS2 processor. In the near future, an MS3X board will offer expanded I/O for sequential fuel injection, additional coil drivers, and many other generic and dedicated hardware PWM I/O. Again see the link for additional details.

After some bench testing with the new board (and one code bug spotted) I attempted to put MS3 on the car this past weekend.

Amazing the car started with just a few cranks and a bit of pedal Other then blowing a bunch of smoke (oil) out of the exhaust it ran. Success!! Well, sort of, it wouldn’t hold an idle worth a poo and seemed to be misfiring. Time to see what’s up…

Just having put the car back together after multiple changes, it was time to check the stupids, and sure enough cyl 5 injector wasn’t plugged in. Doh. Slapped it all back together to try again.

This time, the car started right up, more smoke, but after some a/f tweaks and upping of the idle valve duty, it held an idle. I don’t think I got MS1 working that quick. 😛

I’m still having some sort of trouble with the wideband so I haven’t done much tuning but I did rip it up and down the street and it runs pretty well. Especially considering it’s experimental code with a brand new daughter board, with a lot of default settings!

There are a few features that are built into the latest versions of the Tunerstudio software that make this possible. The VE and Spark import features can actually rescale the 12×12 tables to MfS3’s 16×16 without any further input:



MS1 Ignition1

MS3 Ignition1

There’s also a new feature called “difference reports” that catch the differences between the on board msq and any new msq that you try and load on top of it. If you make offline changes and go to connect, it will prompt you to verify each one and you can even select from something entirely different if the need arises.

Setting up the ignition has never been easier, it’s all been changed to a single, more simple setup screen:

Timing was spot on with the 78deg trigger with no additional adjustments needed.

I need to fix my oiling issues, but I will be putting some additional mileage on the setup and continuing my testing over the next few weeks. I hope to get USB and the SD car logging working once the car is running a little better.

Stay KPTuned for updates!!