Waterama 2008

July 18, 2008

Made a few passes at Atco for the VW-Waterama event this season. The whole class was on radials so it made for quite the fun day. Got knocked out in the semis by vr6chris running is turbo VR6 on the radials. Lets just say I had him to about 70′ and then it was way over!

Quickest pass rundown: 13.200@103.83 1.92 60′

I’m still nursing the clutch after it was giving me trouble at Atco BOTI, so an upgrade is needed there. Probably a few hundred passes on the stock clutch so it’s time.

Stay tuned.

Tuning The Race Shop’s Stock ABF

July 11, 2008

This was for one of my KPTuned race sponsored cars. The engine is a complete stock ABF long block with basic bolt ons and exhaust. I wired and installed the MegaSquirt system, and the car was later dyno tuned to 157whp! The results were impressive considering how little was done to the engine. Joe Pinto hit the track hard as expected. The car came out running 13.5’s, and brought home the NA4 class win at Waterfest 13, July 2007. Click the dyno.

157whp Dyno
157whp Dyno

Modifying Megasquirt Modifying Megasquirt V3.57 for VW Hall Effect Sensor Sensor

July 9, 2008

So, for all of those people that are buying the new prebuilt version of Megasquirt from one of the distributors, this is to help them modify, or tell their seller how to modify, the V3.57 board for a 5v low to high hall sender.

This is only applicable for MS1 processors, or those who may eventually need or want to run the MS1 processor. The MS2 has the ability to change the ignition trigger settings so the hardware doesn’t necessarily need to be modified.

Remove XG1-XG2 jumper
Remove JP1 2-3 jumper

Jumper XG1 to JP1-2
Jumper JP1-3 through a 1k resistor to 5v pad

Yes, it’s that easy, just like a V3 board!


Testing with the Jimstim:

Mods (red wires):

Don’t mind the white wires, those are the ones DIY puts on the 3.57s if you don’t specify that you don’t need or want them.

If you are running MS2 you will want the JS10 to IGN jumper shown, otherwise you’d want one of the LED pads jumpered to IGN.

Hope that helps someone. Look for a writeup on 3.57 with non direct drive waste spark coils shortly.

Tuning a Naturally Aspirated 20v

July 7, 2008

KPtuned was hired to tune a Naturally Aspirated 20v for a customer. The engine was built by Joe Pinto @ The Race Shop. Along with tuning the car, KPTuned was involved with the custom piston spec and header dimensions. Click on the dyno.

193whp - 20v N/A

193whp Dyno


July 1, 2008

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