Dyno Results – KPTuned 1995 GTI VR6 – GIAC vs Megasquirt

March 31, 2009

As most of you know I recently got my personal car running on an MS1 V3 and I’m able to switch between the stock ECU and the MS ecu rather easily. Below are the results:

As you can see the gains are about 3-4whp through the entire curve, more down low where the stock ecu runs pretty lean and a bigger gain up top. Also the ability to rev about 500rpms higher is nice, I’ll be able to wind my shifts out a little more for better before/after shift power matching.

The results were replicated within ~1whp with three back to back pulls on MS. I didn’t have enough time on the dyno to let the car cool down to the levels at the beginning of tuning, but the results might have been just a touch higher.

You can have better then a chip tune, even a ‘really good’ one.

Stay KPTuned for track results shortly!