NEW Product!! DBWX2 Throttle Controller

July 25, 2019

We are happy to announce the release of the DBWX2 Throttle Controller. We have been working with the supplier on beta testing and the unit is now available for purchase.

Perfect for those installs where it isn’t practical to convert to a throttle cable.

  • Dual processors finally allow safe operation
  • Multiple programmable fail-safe modes
  • Operate in standalone mode or over CANBUS with MS3 variants
  • Single or dual throttle operation

$450 USD

MS3-Pro (Gen1) Stock Sale!!

June 28, 2017

With the introduction of the MS3-Pro Ultimate and MS3-Pro EVO we are going to sell off our remaining inventory of the original MS3-Pro ECU’s.

Sale details:

MS3-Pro with wiring harness and 3 BAR MAP sensor $1249
PnP Harness for OBD1/OBD2 VW (ABA/VR6/Swap)
FULL Remote Startup and Tuning Package

Included in the purchase price

We can also offer (but not advertize!) some lower pricing if you just want an ecu so go ahead and email us at to get things started.

Deal only lasts as long as supplies do!

KPTuned now an official B&G Megasquirt Reseller

October 6, 2009

Press release info:

As an approved Megasquirt® reseller, KPTuned offers a line of fully assembled, developed and integrated Megasquirt® engine management packages for VW, Audi and other import vehicles. Each KPTuned Megasquirt® ECU is specifically modified for the intended installation with all additional circuits installed, a custom wiring diagram provided, pre-configured software and vehicle start-up support available. Wiring, installation and tuning services are also available on site upon request. ECU repair and modification services are available at reasonable cost.


MS3 Beta Testing

August 28, 2009

Some of you MS savvy folk may already know, but MS3 beta testing is going on right now. Luckily, I am in possession of one of the Beta units and I’m going to share some information and all of my experiences with the MS3.

First off I’d like to start off with a link to the MS3 information for those of you who don’t know what’s in store

Similar to the MS2 upgrade, MS3 is a processor core replacement in addition to quite a few features aimed at further expansion. The two obvious features are the on board USB and the SD car port.

The testing in this phase is targeted for ‘upgrade’ mode from an MS1 or MS2 processor. In the near future, an MS3X board will offer expanded I/O for sequential fuel injection, additional coil drivers, and many other generic and dedicated hardware PWM I/O. Again see the link for additional details.

After some bench testing with the new board (and one code bug spotted) I attempted to put MS3 on the car this past weekend.

Amazing the car started with just a few cranks and a bit of pedal Other then blowing a bunch of smoke (oil) out of the exhaust it ran. Success!! Well, sort of, it wouldn’t hold an idle worth a poo and seemed to be misfiring. Time to see what’s up…

Just having put the car back together after multiple changes, it was time to check the stupids, and sure enough cyl 5 injector wasn’t plugged in. Doh. Slapped it all back together to try again.

This time, the car started right up, more smoke, but after some a/f tweaks and upping of the idle valve duty, it held an idle. I don’t think I got MS1 working that quick. 😛

I’m still having some sort of trouble with the wideband so I haven’t done much tuning but I did rip it up and down the street and it runs pretty well. Especially considering it’s experimental code with a brand new daughter board, with a lot of default settings!

There are a few features that are built into the latest versions of the Tunerstudio software that make this possible. The VE and Spark import features can actually rescale the 12×12 tables to MfS3’s 16×16 without any further input:



MS1 Ignition1

MS3 Ignition1

There’s also a new feature called “difference reports” that catch the differences between the on board msq and any new msq that you try and load on top of it. If you make offline changes and go to connect, it will prompt you to verify each one and you can even select from something entirely different if the need arises.

Setting up the ignition has never been easier, it’s all been changed to a single, more simple setup screen:

Timing was spot on with the 78deg trigger with no additional adjustments needed.

I need to fix my oiling issues, but I will be putting some additional mileage on the setup and continuing my testing over the next few weeks. I hope to get USB and the SD car logging working once the car is running a little better.

Stay KPTuned for updates!!

Dyno Results – KPTuned 1995 GTI VR6 – GIAC vs Megasquirt

March 31, 2009

As most of you know I recently got my personal car running on an MS1 V3 and I’m able to switch between the stock ECU and the MS ecu rather easily. Below are the results:

As you can see the gains are about 3-4whp through the entire curve, more down low where the stock ecu runs pretty lean and a bigger gain up top. Also the ability to rev about 500rpms higher is nice, I’ll be able to wind my shifts out a little more for better before/after shift power matching.

The results were replicated within ~1whp with three back to back pulls on MS. I didn’t have enough time on the dyno to let the car cool down to the levels at the beginning of tuning, but the results might have been just a touch higher.

You can have better then a chip tune, even a ‘really good’ one.

Stay KPTuned for track results shortly!

1995 GTI VR6 on Megasquirt!

February 24, 2009

Exactly, another definitive how-to with actual information! I spent a few hours this week finally putting a MS setup on my personal 1995 GTI VR6, and here is how it turned out!

First off here is the information thread for distro cars, LINK just in case someone is looking for that information.

The car in question is a 1995 GTI VR6 running all factory sensors with the only exception being an Innovate LC1 wideband and a 1.8T open element temp sensor. It has been running a stock GIAC chipped ECU for a long time. The only addition to the engine bay is a single vacuum line for the map signal. The car is using a stock VR6 coilpack with integrated ignitor.

The board was built and setup tuned here at KPTuned

MS1 V3.57


Board mods/hardware:

VRIN – TSEL (JP1 1/2)

TSEL – VROUT (J1 4/5)

Bottom VR pot fully CCW, top pot a few turns CW from fully CCW

Glen’s Garage Error* Daughter board for all the ‘extra’ circuits

I used the daughter board to make adding the extra circuits a little easier with the 3.57SMT board that doesn’t have a proto area. I will post the circuits I used to help those that want to use a V3 board instead.

Ignition triggers are from the LED’s but the 3.57 has internal 1k pullups, the triggers com from PAD1, PAD2, and PAD3 for D14-16 respectively.

Similar to this circuit, but for each LED using a 1k pullup:

Tach output circuit, use a 4.7k resistor where 1-10k is listed:

FIDLE output for stock 2 wire idle valve:

TIP120 for PWM idle valve with 1N4001 flyback diode between output and 12v Remove Q4, Q20 and R39. replace R39 with a wired link or solder the (E) emittor to the right side of position R39 rather than at the Q4 position.

MAF wiring below, it uses a 12v power and ground, a signal ground and outputs 0-5v based on airflow. The Ford one is the same:

Outputs for Smog pump relay and CEL light are below. I’m going to be using the smog pump wiring and relay for a small fan in the future and use the CEL for a shift light:

Launch control and table switch circuit, table switch is on JS9, Launch JS11:


I have posted decent msq’s for both 029y4 and Hi-Res HR10g, both can be interchanged on a settings level, VE tables are different. Caution the 029y4 file has a ‘wrong’ req_fuel and if you plan on using it set it correctly and scale the VE table by .72. You will have to login to download the msq.

This is the first install that I’ve tuned with the new EFI Analytics Tuner Studio package, but I suggest to all to check it out HERE.
It is

All VE analysis was done with EFI Analytics MegaLogViewer package, it made tuning the car a single person operation. Details HERE


Wiring is straight forward from a cut up Motronic ECU connector to the MS DB37 connector. This is so I can switch betwen the MS and stock ECU setup for back to back testing. The pinout is posted below, be aware that some of the pins for ‘extras’ will need to match the location in hardware modifications:

Wiring Schedule:

Motronic T68 Pin # —- MS Pin # — Function

1,7,33,42,55,56 —- 8-19 — Ground

36 ———————20——– IAT+
68———————-7———-VR-/VR Shield
23———————-27——–PWM 12v
23———————-28——–12v supply
53———————-36——–PWM Idle (Fidle)
8————————3———Spark A Cyl 1/6
52———————-4———-Spark B Cyl 2/5
60———————–5———Spark C Cyl 3/4
6———————–37———-Fuel Pump (Relay)
28———————37———-Heated O2 (Relay)
49———————31———-Fan/Smog Relay

Non VW wiring
4—————-Table Switch
5—————-Spare Gen Output
6—————-Future Cam Sensor
7—————-Spare Gen Output

Gen Output Additional relay:

T68/9 needs to be pulled to ground to turn the ECM relay on. There’s a 12v ignition hot supply on T68/38 that does this for the stock ECU. Relay wiring below:

Relay Pin——-Motronic Pin




86 ————–T68/7

The above circuit should only be needed for OBD1 installations, OBD2 will switch on the ECU with ignition hot and doesn’t use that relay.


I only got a chance to tune the car for a few hours but a few things are definitely different from Motronic. I always had a little miss/stumble/roughness around 2k with this car. Both with the stock head, 262 cams and the 268s. The MS totally cleared this area up.

The car seems much happier with the raised rev limiter but that did lead to the demise of my clutch. High rpms seem to back my pressure plate bolts out so I won’t be able to get dyno results until it’s all fixed. Even with the limited tuning it does run well without any real issues.

Snippet of the datalog where the clutch decided to stop working correctly. Yes, that is 8000rpms.

Unfortunately that is all for now, but stay KPTuned for dyno results!!

Modifying Megasquirt Modifying Megasquirt V3.57 for VW Hall Effect Sensor Sensor

July 9, 2008

So, for all of those people that are buying the new prebuilt version of Megasquirt from one of the distributors, this is to help them modify, or tell their seller how to modify, the V3.57 board for a 5v low to high hall sender.

This is only applicable for MS1 processors, or those who may eventually need or want to run the MS1 processor. The MS2 has the ability to change the ignition trigger settings so the hardware doesn’t necessarily need to be modified.

Remove XG1-XG2 jumper
Remove JP1 2-3 jumper

Jumper XG1 to JP1-2
Jumper JP1-3 through a 1k resistor to 5v pad

Yes, it’s that easy, just like a V3 board!


Testing with the Jimstim:

Mods (red wires):

Don’t mind the white wires, those are the ones DIY puts on the 3.57s if you don’t specify that you don’t need or want them.

If you are running MS2 you will want the JS10 to IGN jumper shown, otherwise you’d want one of the LED pads jumpered to IGN.

Hope that helps someone. Look for a writeup on 3.57 with non direct drive waste spark coils shortly.