Video – KPTuned Corrado vs GTI

July 31, 2019

Video – KPTUNED Corrado vs GTI

July 25, 2019

Waterfest25 Q4 Side by side pass of KPTUNED Corrado and Anthony Frassetto’s GTI VR6



July 22, 2019

It’s been a long few weeks getting a few cars ready for Waterfest25 at Atco Dragway. A few made the cut, a few didn’t, but fun was had and good times were run.

For those of you there, you know what the weather was like. For those that didn’t come, heat index was 110+ and logged IAT were in the 130F range.

Anthony Frassetto in the “Hated GTI” , this cammed all motor 12v VR6 running 12.5x over and over with his MS3 Pro Ultimate. Qualified #3 and had an issue engaging 3rd gear in the car for an early loss with an MOV of only .05. This car will see 11’s easily in good weather!!

Had a bit of luck in the KPTuned ALLMOTOR 3.6 VR6 Corrado powered by MS3 Pro Ultimate, managing a 11.388@120 in qualifying. First round win taking it easy 11.55 against Rich Long. Knocked out in round 2 by Ben Zarpentine’s 20v Mk3, my 11.50 to his 10.98…

Next race is Aug 2 for the VW Nationals at Mason Dixon Dragway.

Many thanks for those who came by to say HI and hopefully we can help you out with a quality engine management solution.

KPTuned 2008 Season Wrap Up

December 11, 2008

Thanks again, all, for visiting!

It’s been a very exciting year racing the KPTuned ALLMOTOR GTI, ending the season with a new best ET, after the addition of some hotter camshafts. The last race of the year, at MIR’s World Cup Finals, unfortunately didn’t go as planned due to some shifting problems. The only two passes in the car were mid 14’s @ 100 without being able to engage second gear. The car will come back strong in 2009, with some much needed maintenance and a few modifications.

We would like to thank Joe @ The Race Shop and all the folks at MJM Autohaus for their support of the car this year!

The KPTuned ALLMOTOR GTI will continue to race in Battle of the Imports and MIR’s IMSTAR Series in the Street Stock class for 2009.

We’re planning some changes to the car over the winter which will include a custom KPTuned Megasquirt standalone engine management system. It’s been in the works for quite some time, but it’s been sidelined to get as good as possible ET’s with the factory management. The system will include the normal features of all of our systems, with the addition of two staged shift light outputs, launch control, fan control, and support of the stock coilpack!

On the product front we will be officially be offering “Plug-N-Play” wiring harness services in 2009, upon request. We have done this before for local customers wanting to be able to switch between their KPTuned system and the factory engine management. Now we have completed enough of these systems to be comfortable offering these to all our customers! Pricing is quite variable depending on make, model and options selected so don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

We are also going to be offering ‘on location’ wiring, installation and tuning services in 2009. Please contact for pricing!

Again, thanks for visiting and supporting KPTuned. We look forward to working with everyone for a sucessful 2009!!

Cecil Co Dragway T&T Results

September 25, 2008

More Test & Tune time for the KPTuned ALLMOTOR GTI! Still trying to figure out the clutch and the tubes, but the car is coming around. No changes since IMSTAR. Weight ~2450#

The car came out hard with a 13.017@104.19 1.716 60′ besting the MIR times by a mile, but bogging a tiny bit. Launch 5500 slicks 10.5psi cold.

Next pass new best 12.967@106.67 spinning a little 1.727 60′. Launch around 5800 slicks 11psi hot.

Next pass another new best 12.833@105.48 still spinning a tiny bit 1.725 60′. Launch 5800 slicks 11psi hot.

Here’s where things get goofy.. burnout, stage and launch 1.79 60′ but it breaks up before the 1-2 shift, I let off and get back in it, sputtering. Running out of gas, whoops. Try to limp it to the pits but I don’t quite make it. Luckily I bring gas, unfortunately it’s not in the car!

With the wasted time of dealing with the fuel fiasco, and a few oil downs finally ready to run again. Car takes off spins the 1-2 shift, miss my 2-3 shift a bit and end up with a 13.203@105.58 best ET and trap missing a gear, and beating my best time at MIR.

There ends up being a few more oil downs and a bike wreck so I pack it in early. The car still has some ET left once I get the launch where I want it. I think it has a .77-75 as it sits.

Dyno results shortly!!

Stay KPTuned!!

IMSTAR Results

September 10, 2008

After finally losing a long battle with a stock clutch at VW Waterama, a few upgrades were planned. A Race Shop/ClutchNet clutch setup was installed with the previous flywheel, Schrick 268s were added to get some more top end, and tubes were added to the slicks to combat some leaking.

Luckily, all of this was done in the nick of time to go racing at MIR’s
IMSTAR event on Sept 7th.

The car is prepped for the Street Stock class which features 4cyl, 2 rotor and 6cyl naturally aspirated entries. All vehicles have to retain a stock engine for that year vehicle and feature a full interior minus rear seat.

Unfortunately, testing time before the event with the new setup was short so there was only one pass available for practice before qualifying. The car came out of the hole slow due to a very bad bog and ran 13.7@100

Qualifying the car did much better running a 13.38@102 and a 13.291@102 for the #5 qualifying spot.

First round went relatively easy, a .230 light combined with a 13.21@102 was made no trouble against the mid 15sec Maxima.

Second round got much more interesting as the ladder put me against another VW driver, Matt Ivan and his 95 GTI VR6. Both of us were within .1et all day and cutting decent lights so it would come down to a real drivers race.

Off the line the advantage of a .264 light to a .268 light and a much quicker 60′ of slicks to radials made the run to the 1/8th easily for the KPTuned car.

Unfortunately, Matt pulled on the top end running a 13.138 to a 13.206. Advantage was less then a fender!!

Matt went on to win in the semis and get a run for a loss in the finals. Congrats, Matt on the runner up!!

All in all it was a good event, but some more seat time on the new setup will yield some more ET.

Stay KPTuned!!

Waterama 2008

July 18, 2008

Made a few passes at Atco for the VW-Waterama event this season. The whole class was on radials so it made for quite the fun day. Got knocked out in the semis by vr6chris running is turbo VR6 on the radials. Lets just say I had him to about 70′ and then it was way over!

Quickest pass rundown: 13.200@103.83 1.92 60′

I’m still nursing the clutch after it was giving me trouble at Atco BOTI, so an upgrade is needed there. Probably a few hundred passes on the stock clutch so it’s time.

Stay tuned.

Tuning The Race Shop’s Stock ABF

July 11, 2008

This was for one of my KPTuned race sponsored cars. The engine is a complete stock ABF long block with basic bolt ons and exhaust. I wired and installed the MegaSquirt system, and the car was later dyno tuned to 157whp! The results were impressive considering how little was done to the engine. Joe Pinto hit the track hard as expected. The car came out running 13.5’s, and brought home the NA4 class win at Waterfest 13, July¬†2007. Click the dyno.

157whp Dyno
157whp Dyno