Video – KPTuned Corrado vs GTI

July 31, 2019

NEW PRODUCT!! KPTuned Gearsets

July 26, 2019

*** Product Release Notice ***

We are proud to be distributing and stocking custom 02A/J gearsets here in the US. We have worked with Saphino on custom ratios for this application taking into account the tire sizes used on most of the race classes here. These gears have been tested on the quickest FWD VW in the world.


KPTuned Dog Gears

Fitment 02A/J
Dog engagement & Syncro
1-4 gears
Retains stock VW ring and pinion gears

Dog Engagement $2200

Syncro Engagement $1800

NEW Product!! DBWX2 Throttle Controller

July 25, 2019

We are happy to announce the release of the DBWX2 Throttle Controller. We have been working with the supplier on beta testing and the unit is now available for purchase.

Perfect for those installs where it isn’t practical to convert to a throttle cable.

  • Dual processors finally allow safe operation
  • Multiple programmable fail-safe modes
  • Operate in standalone mode or over CANBUS with MS3 variants
  • Single or dual throttle operation

$450 USD

Video – KPTUNED Corrado vs GTI

July 25, 2019

Waterfest25 Q4 Side by side pass of KPTUNED Corrado and Anthony Frassetto’s GTI VR6



July 22, 2019

It’s been a long few weeks getting a few cars ready for Waterfest25 at Atco Dragway. A few made the cut, a few didn’t, but fun was had and good times were run.

For those of you there, you know what the weather was like. For those that didn’t come, heat index was 110+ and logged IAT were in the 130F range.

Anthony Frassetto in the “Hated GTI” , this cammed all motor 12v VR6 running 12.5x over and over with his MS3 Pro Ultimate. Qualified #3 and had an issue engaging 3rd gear in the car for an early loss with an MOV of only .05. This car will see 11’s easily in good weather!!

Had a bit of luck in the KPTuned ALLMOTOR 3.6 VR6 Corrado powered by MS3 Pro Ultimate, managing a 11.388@120 in qualifying. First round win taking it easy 11.55 against Rich Long. Knocked out in round 2 by Ben Zarpentine’s 20v Mk3, my 11.50 to his 10.98…

Next race is Aug 2 for the VW Nationals at Mason Dixon Dragway.

Many thanks for those who came by to say HI and hopefully we can help you out with a quality engine management solution.