Plug & Play

Nearly all KPTuned ECUs have the option to be made into plug and play solutions. Some offer off the shelf solutions (listed below) and others require something more custom.  Whatever your needs, generally, we can tackle them!

KPTuned PnP

MS3-Pro EVO with Plug and Play wiring pigtail, Available for 68 pin VW Motronic – including 1hr startup and tuning support: $1549

1992-1995 VW ABA and VR6 “OBD1”

1996-1994 VW ABA and VR6 “OBD2”



1992-1995 BMW M3 and 325 $1499

1993-1998 Supra 2JZ manual trans $1599

1990-2005 Miata manual trans $1199

2002-2005 Subrau WRX $1199


MS3 Pro Accessories for LS Engines 

24x Drop On Harness $799

58x Drop On Harness $799

MS3 Pro Ultimate Add On Harness $49

Microsquirt 4L80E Transmission Control $499


Disclaimer: on older vehicles it is generally recommended that you start with a new wiring harness to ensure the best installation. There are some things we do not make plug and play due to the nature of these components and reserve the right to discontinue products without notice.


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