From the street, to the dyno, to the track, KPTuned has the ability to make the most out of your setup. From 100hp near stock four cylinders to anything you can dream KPTuned has a solution for you.

Remote tuning options –

Teamviewer – download the teamviewer application and give us real time control! We have used this extensively on the dyno, as well as also doing live tuning remotely with 3g or 4g hotspots to give the best possible results while not being there!

Email based – although it’s not as quick, sending tunes and log files via email can be an effective way of getting things up and running, and tuned quickly if in-person is just not possible.


$95/hr – tuning, troubleshooting – street, at track or dyno

$.55/mi – travel + $20/hr travel time

We do offer packages that include tuning time with the purchase and installation of one of our systems. Contact us for details!

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