IMSTAR Results

After finally losing a long battle with a stock clutch at VW Waterama, a few upgrades were planned. A Race Shop/ClutchNet clutch setup was installed with the previous flywheel, Schrick 268s were added to get some more top end, and tubes were added to the slicks to combat some leaking.

Luckily, all of this was done in the nick of time to go racing at MIR’s
IMSTAR event on Sept 7th.

The car is prepped for the Street Stock class which features 4cyl, 2 rotor and 6cyl naturally aspirated entries. All vehicles have to retain a stock engine for that year vehicle and feature a full interior minus rear seat.

Unfortunately, testing time before the event with the new setup was short so there was only one pass available for practice before qualifying. The car came out of the hole slow due to a very bad bog and ran 13.7@100

Qualifying the car did much better running a 13.38@102 and a 13.291@102 for the #5 qualifying spot.

First round went relatively easy, a .230 light combined with a 13.21@102 was made no trouble against the mid 15sec Maxima.

Second round got much more interesting as the ladder put me against another VW driver, Matt Ivan and his 95 GTI VR6. Both of us were within .1et all day and cutting decent lights so it would come down to a real drivers race.

Off the line the advantage of a .264 light to a .268 light and a much quicker 60′ of slicks to radials made the run to the 1/8th easily for the KPTuned car.

Unfortunately, Matt pulled on the top end running a 13.138 to a 13.206. Advantage was less then a fender!!

Matt went on to win in the semis and get a run for a loss in the finals. Congrats, Matt on the runner up!!

All in all it was a good event, but some more seat time on the new setup will yield some more ET.

Stay KPTuned!!

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