KPTuned 2008 Season Wrap Up

Thanks again, all, for visiting!

It’s been a very exciting year racing the KPTuned ALLMOTOR GTI, ending the season with a new best ET, after the addition of some hotter camshafts. The last race of the year, at MIR’s World Cup Finals, unfortunately didn’t go as planned due to some shifting problems. The only two passes in the car were mid 14’s @ 100 without being able to engage second gear. The car will come back strong in 2009, with some much needed maintenance and a few modifications.

We would like to thank Joe @ The Race Shop and all the folks at MJM Autohaus for their support of the car this year!

The KPTuned ALLMOTOR GTI will continue to race in Battle of the Imports and MIR’s IMSTAR Series in the Street Stock class for 2009.

We’re planning some changes to the car over the winter which will include a custom KPTuned Megasquirt standalone engine management system. It’s been in the works for quite some time, but it’s been sidelined to get as good as possible ET’s with the factory management. The system will include the normal features of all of our systems, with the addition of two staged shift light outputs, launch control, fan control, and support of the stock coilpack!

On the product front we will be officially be offering “Plug-N-Play” wiring harness services in 2009, upon request. We have done this before for local customers wanting to be able to switch between their KPTuned system and the factory engine management. Now we have completed enough of these systems to be comfortable offering these to all our customers! Pricing is quite variable depending on make, model and options selected so don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

We are also going to be offering ‘on location’ wiring, installation and tuning services in 2009. Please contact for pricing!

Again, thanks for visiting and supporting KPTuned. We look forward to working with everyone for a sucessful 2009!!

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