Communication and juggling, what do they have in common?

December 28, 2011

Lots of balls?

Seriously though, as you can see from my last post (which was a long time coming!) there are more then a few things going on that I’m trying to make progress on.

  • Support of existing customers install and tuning
  • Meeting current orders in a reasonable period of time
  • Pre-sale support/Q&A
  • Tuning local and remote installs
  • Developing new products/innovation
  • VW Drag Racing program

Now that I wrote it down, I think that’s more then what it has seemed!! Each of those things requires some head space, and there are things that ALL of you can do to help me out:

  • Include history in your emails
  • When calling leave messages including call back numbers/email
  • Text messaging – include your name/contact info especially if you are a new customer or someone whom I don’t talk to regularly
  • Be patient – I get lots of calls, and when I do have free time at home it’s not always easy to call back due to ambient noise level (parents will understand that one!)

As always don’t hesitate to contact us, we will try to be as accommodating as possible. However, going a short way to help us help you, it will make information turns much quicker.

Again, thanks to all of our existing and future customers for their interest in KPTuned!

Paul Kiernan
610-248-6490 (cell/txt/pic msg)


Has it really been that long??

December 18, 2011

I’ve been busy but never *this* busy! It’s been awhile since I’ve updated to the site so over the next few weeks look for some page updates and some new content.

Current shipping time on MS ECU’s is 3-4wk for new orders. Custom harnesses are on indefinite back order until I clear up some time to work on them. Std flying lead harnesses are unaffected and will ship with ECU purchases.

The KPTuned GTI is still moving along, although slowly. Sometimes you have to wait to get the best… more on that later!

Anyway, thanks to those who visit for hanging in there and we’ll be back with more shortly.

Stay KPTuned!

KPTuned ALL MOTOR GTI – 2011 Re-Build

April 26, 2011

Finally taking the time to work on the car, and find time for some updates here at!

So, what the heck is going on over at We’ve been churning out Megasquirt(R) standalone systems one after another.. tuning cars both in person and over electronic means.. and had a little boy adding to the KPTuned family, all of which is keeping us QUITE busy!

The KPTuned ALLMOTOR GTI had a good, but short run with the 3.2 R32 based motor. Unfortunately, it’s moved on, destined for another car that we’ll be doing all the wiring and an MS3/3x install on. With added complexity of a full engine bay shave, and wire tuck… stay tuned for and update of that one as it gets built.

The current plan for the car is to go back to ‘simple’ a bit, but change things up at the same time. I’m throwing a 12v together with spare parts trying to take out the ‘spray’ record.. if I can find one. Goals for the car are just to keep it light, keep it together, and keep it (relatively) cheap. 2150lbs is the weight goal we want to make, and make enough power to go 11.50 flat no matter what. It will feature a slick KPTuned Megasquirt ECU setup utilizing MS3/3x (of course?) along with Jean Belanger’s Jbperf IO/X board for additional I/O like individual cylinder EGT, dual WBo2 over serial communications, and some other sensors and outputs we’d like to try like dual water temp sensors, closed loop electric waterpump and fan control. One goal is to help develop a more integrated electronic dashboard as well…

The KPTuned ALLMOTOR GTI is getting some much needed attention in the fabrication department, with great thanks to Jim @ Racecraft Fabrication in Millville, NJ. I’ve known Jim for quite a long time and there’s no other I’d trust to make my parts! You might remember him from previous updates, he did the manifold welding on Derek Baker’s “KPTuned” ITB’d VR6 MK2 GLI. This time around, Jim’s being tasked to build a KPTuned rough designed intake manifold (to our exacting specs!), large tube downpipe with Burns Vband collector, proper seat mounts, and finally a proper crossmember with traction bar mounts and all our accessory items integrated in. Luckily Kurtis @ MBS already came through with a killer 3.5″ full aluminum exhaust, with integrated v-bands, and Magnaflow muffler. Should make the rest of the fab go nice and quick!

Now for the pictures!!

Lots of pan clearance, thank you OEM Mk5 junk…

New exhaust thanks to Kurtis @ MBS

MY way to mount 02J shifter

He’s got a lot of parts and much work to do…

Stay KPTuned for further details as things come together.

Back, Back, Back!!

August 4, 2010

Site has been down for a bit, and I accidentally lost some data. I’ll have it back in the next week or so.

In the meantime just a quick update from Waterfest ran a 12.90@106 at 2500lbs with the new engine setup with LOTS of room for improvement.

We’re back!

December 11, 2009

Ok, honestly we have been for a few days now, but we’re just getting all caught up. It’ll take us a little bit of time to get to 100% but some space has been cleared for our electronics lab and it’s all back up and running. We’ll be a little bit longer to take installs but it’s all in process right now. Again, thanks to everyone for being patient with our communications black out during the move.

KPTuned is moving!

November 18, 2009

KPTuned is happy to announce that we’re moving. Along with a new personal property will come a new larger space for Megasquirt system assembly, repair, development and testing. We will also have much more room for installs, which has been a big limitation for us over the last few years.

The new address will be:
105 Sunset Rd
Oxford, PA 19363

Please DO NOT send anything to us for modification/repair without speaking to us first!

Due to the move we will be closed from 11/25-12/2 and have limited internet usage during that time. Stay tuned for further updates!

KPTuned now an official B&G Megasquirt Reseller

October 6, 2009

Press release info:

As an approved Megasquirt® reseller, KPTuned offers a line of fully assembled, developed and integrated Megasquirt® engine management packages for VW, Audi and other import vehicles. Each KPTuned Megasquirt® ECU is specifically modified for the intended installation with all additional circuits installed, a custom wiring diagram provided, pre-configured software and vehicle start-up support available. Wiring, installation and tuning services are also available on site upon request. ECU repair and modification services are available at reasonable cost.